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Scroll through our menu, select some delicious snacks and a refreshing drink, pay, get a confirmation by sms and it will be delivered at your table at the Dam Tasty House! For delivery your doorstep, check Uber Eats!

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Need help putting together a meal? Check our simple instructions below!

Meals, Pre-build Meals and Piadinas can be ordered from 11:30 am, all other tasty snacks and drinks are ready for ordering during opening hours.

HOW TO create A DAM TASTY meal?

A simple instruction of how to put together your meal and why they are so balanced, healthy and Dam Tasty!

Step 1. choose your proteins

Step 2. choose some carbs

Step 3. choose your veggies

Option: Add fresh pickles

Option: add extra toppings

Option: add your sauce

Can’t choose? Don’t worry!

we came up with some nice trays for you.
We call them our pre-build meals.

Side note: you can always change the pre-build menu if you want to.